To promote accelerated and rapid transition to solar energy age in Asian and African Countries.

 To foster a spirit of partnership and co-operation among solar energy activists and other stakeholders in Asia and Africa; to establish an operative network to stakeholders.

 To identify the areas where research works are needed to ensure large scale deployment of Solar products.

 To enhance quality of products and R & D efforts by connecting entrepreneurs with local technology testing capability, enhancing innovative linkages.

 To enhance knowledge sharing through effective dissemination of information ,access to suppliers ,advance business and market transformation of solar energy products, devices, systems and services.

To act as agent managers, trustees for any society ,association or body. local or international, directly or indirectly related to or engaged in Solar Energy Research.

 To establish a sustainable, scated up market for implementation of new solar energy projects in the Asian and African countries which would also enhance regional co-operation in Asia and Africa.

 To partner with Asian Development Bank and African development Bank to promote need based solar energy research for the rural and urban people living below poverty line.

 To educate proactively, the various relevant government authorities by means of various communication methods/ necessary means/ or/ and initiate/carry out dialogue to diminish any barriers that may affect the development of solar energy.

 To form Regional Solar Energy Centres to achieve the objectives of the council.

 To work closely with the relevant governments, semi governments authorities, association, organisations or social entrepreneurs to prepare and formulate policy that will help advance development and growth of Solar energy in Asia and Africa.

 To undertake research, studies on issues concerning policy barriers, technological advancements in the solar energy sector of Asia and Africa and to organise seminars ,symposiums, fairs, exhibitions, workshopsand trainings to enhance the knowledge base about clean energy in Asia and Africa.

 To develop regional co-operation on Research and Development of Solar Energy devices suitable for different agroclimatic condition of Asia and Africa keeping in view the local culture.

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    Prof. (Dr.) S.P.Gon Chaudhuri, Board Member| Honorary Chairperson

    Expert Services to Renewable Energy Power plants specially Solar PV and Biomass. Services to Off grid and Distributed generation.Services to Power and Energy sector.

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    Elina Mahonen, Board Member | Chief editor of the newsletter | Grant follow-up committee member

    Project managementin international level, including project planning,coordination,financial management, monitoring and evaluation. Specialized in developing countries.

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    Markku Tahkokorpi , Treasurer | Board Member | Editorial team member of the newsletter | Grant evaluation committee member

    Solar and ICT technologies, Techno-economics, innovation management. Several years of R&D work on renewable energy solutions for developing markets.

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    Pekka Järvilehto, Chairperson | Board Member | Editorial team member of the newsletter | Grant evaluation committee member | Grant follow-up committee member

    More than 25 year’s experience in energy technologies, energy policy and climate change. Specialist in renewable energy, decentralised power networks and energy storage.

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    Risto Isomaki, Vice-Chairperson | Board Member | Head of the Grant evaluation committee | Editorial team member of the newsletter

    Mr Isomäki is actively involved with the peat swamp rainforest, mangrove forest and seagrass meadows conservation and replanting programme of the Siemenpuu Foundation.

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    Petri Nissinen, Secretary | Board Member | Editorial team member of the newsletter

    MSc. in Environmental Engineering with a specialization in water treatment technologies. Engineering projects, design of water treatment processes, circular economy and energy efficiency in water supply and sanitation.

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    Richik GhoshThakur, Board Member | Editorial team member of the newsletter | Grant follow-up committee member | Chief editor of the webpages, INSIC

    MSc. In Applied Physics, specialization in Photonics having more than 5 years experience in execution of RE based innovative research projects. Currently also associated with NBIRT, a leading RE Research Institute in India as a