Pekka Järvilehto

Board Member, INSIC

Full Description:

1. Full Name & Contact details

Pekka Järvilehto

Espoo, Finland



2. Area of expertise

Energy production and storage technologies

Energy policies

Climate change

Renewable energy

3. Professional Career

1996-2011: science, research and policy officer at the European Commission


4. Specialization

Renewable energy, solar energy technologies


5. Experience

1996-2003: scientific officer at the European Commission, responsible for the development of the environmental satellite RTD projects and renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy storage RTD projects co-funded by the European Commission.

2003-2006: desk officer at the LIFE programme fo the European Commission, responsible for the environmental technology RTD projects in France

2006-2011: policy officer at the Environment Directorage-General of the European Commission, responsible for the follow up and development of the climate and energy policies of the European Union

2011-todate: development of the awareness-raising projects concerning recycled construction materials, plastic waste and other environmental issues (self-employed)


6. Present Occupation

Senior Policy Officer at the European Commission (on leave)