Clean lighting and efficient cooking though Micro Solar Dome in rural houses

Investigators of the Project: PI:- Mr.Subhadeep Bhattacharya Co-PI:- Ms. Zinia Haque

Project Funded by InSIC

Objectives of the Project: I. To ensure clean solar powered lighting solution for rural villages. II. To ensure clean cooking solutions by deployment of smokeless chulhas. III. To increase the efficiency of operation of smokeless chulhas by development of draft fan. IV. To integrate clean cooking with clean lighting.

Project Brief: The PI proposes to innovate a technology package, which includes clean lighting through the intervention of Micro Solar Dome (MSD) and development of a draught fan connected with the MSD for efficient cooking. The Micro Solar Dome is a unique lighting device that harnesses both active and passive sections of Solar Energy. It is a national program in India and is very popular in other countries as well. The MSD is generally fitted on the roof of a house from where it directs sunlight into the house during the daytime simultaneously charges the built-in battery and provides light during the nighttime. To address the problem of air pollution due to the incomplete combustion of firewood/ coal for cooking in rural households, the PI proposes to develop a draught fan mechanism to generate a draft in a clean and efficient cook stove in order to ensure complete combustion of fuel and fuel savings too. The draft fan that will be developed in the project will be connected to the MSD for its power requirement. The MSD will be modified in order to accommodate the power requirement of the draft fan. The entire design and development will be done by the research and execution team of the PI and the Co-PI. The integrated unit will comprise of a redesigned MSD, a draft fan for aiding cooking and a USB port integrated with the MSD for charging mobile phones. This will help tackle many problems the rural villagers face. The project will be executed at Nimpith, a village in the Sundarbans area of West Bengal, India, which is inhabited by villagers who face acute power problems. Most of the houses do not have grid connections and are entirely dependent upon kerosene to light up their homes during the dark. They also are devoid of piped gas for cooking and do not have the gas cylinder facility in their area. This makes them dependent upon firewood and coal for their daily cooking requirements. The villagers have thus requested the PI to develop a technology, which can solve both their cooking problem and lighting problem. The schematic provided below explains the intervention proposed.