Development of Electro Dynamic Screen for Automatic Cleaning of Solar Panels

Principal Investigator - Dr Prof J N Bera

Project Funded by InSIC

Due to dust deposition on the PV panels and depending on the composition of the dust particles and the thickness of dust accumulation, the efficiency of the SPV module reduces by upto ~50%. The labour intensive manual cleaning or even robot based automatic cleaning system may improve the efficiency but requires water as one of the main cleaning agent; the availability of which is a big problem in arid regions. Besides, the shutdown requirement during cleaning causes loss of generation. Getting motivated with these, this project is proposed with the following objectives - Design and Development of PCB Prototype for Screen Grids Design and Development of high voltage power supply with variable frequency Testing of Proof of concept (POC) with the developed PCB and power supply Transfer the POC for developing transparent screen to be placed on top of the PV panels. Development of cleaning management scheme to assess the cleaning performance.