Investigators of the Project: PI:- Dr Shantanu Acharya Co-PI:- Dr Ms Payel Deb

Project Funded by InSIC

Objectives of the Project: I. To Develop a cost effective electric wheelchair II. To integrate solar PV with the Wheelchair to provide additional charging facility III. To incorporate MPPT controller and motor controller for the wheelchair IV. To reduce grid dependency and employ the use of Solar PV in electric vehicles

Project Brief: The investigators propose to innovate a technology package, through the intervention of a solar-powered wheelchair for the people who are facing difficulty in locomotion (people with disability in walking and the elderly people). They have to depend on others or on an artificial locomotive system for performing their daily activities. The wheelchairs that are commonly used are either manual or motor-driven. A motor-driven wheelchair is more user-friendly and efficient than the manual one. Moreover, they are easy to use and flexible. But, commonly used commercial motor-driven wheelchairs are limited by single-source charging, i.e. from the utility grid only. However, in the rural areas or the areas where the supply of electrical energy is not available or is erratic, the motor-driven wheelchair has no use. Moreover, they are too expensive for the economically weaker section of people.