Solar Powered Grey Water Recycling System

Project By Yogesh Kulkarni

Funded and Supported by InSIC

The Solar powered grey water system designed by Vigyan ashram will be installed in village Dingrajwadi (Dist.Pune,India). This village has a population of @ 1500 people. At present all waste water is discharged into well which is near to flowing river. This leads to pollution of river water and aqua life in the river.  

With the support of InSic , we are planning to installed Grey water recycling system. Grey water is treated with reed bed system coupled with external air bubbling device. In the Bio-bed (with plants like water hyacinth, canna Indica, Tarroleaves, Duck weed) is used for removing pollutant like phosphate, Nitrates as well as some heavy metals and dissolved solids. 

We are also carrying out air bubbling to prevent anerobic activity to reduce smell. 

This system will help in air bubbling during the day time ( 6-7 hrs). There will be no electricity cost to pay and no battery replacement cost since system will directly run on solar (controller circuit will be used to regulate) during day time.    

The project will help in reducing water pollution and pollution of nearby river stream benefiting water quality. This will lead to health benefits like reducing mosquitos and water borne diseases.

It is estimated that if we consider 10 years cost of running the system, it is estimated that solar system will be 40% efficient than the similar system running on electric grid.