Powering 24 x 7 running water to rural toilets and drinking water with solar

An estimated  1.4 lakh children die due to diarrhoea in India annually, and a major cause for this is the lack of access to clean drinking (potable) water and proper sanitation facilities. It is common for rural households and urban slums to have toilets that are dark and do not have running water for hand-washing and cleaning the facilities.

To alleviate these problems, a unique combination of technologies has been developed into a solution package as follows:

  • Pumping sufficient water from ponds or underground reservoir to an overhead tank which cater daily needs through a solar pump.  The capacity of the solar pump will be higher (1000-3000 watt) if a submersible pump is installed for drawing ground-water and costs will also be higher than in situations where surface water is available.
  • Using  the solar power to run a RO Water purifier to provide purified drinking water by using an intelligent controller (this will be possible because the solar pump will operate only for 2-3 hours to fill up the overhead tanks of the toilet)
  • The RO system capacity may be of 200 litres per hour (costing Rs 15000) or 600 litres per hour (costing Rs 35000)