Solar Water Purifier


More than 65 percent of the Indians are still living in rural areas. Two major problems of rural areas are non-availability of light and drinking water. With the encouragement DST, Govt. of India, Dr. SP. Gonchaudhuri, a renowned Solar Scientist of India, developed solar water purifier

which will deliver 300-400 litres of pure water every day and is ideally suitable for village schools, primary health centers and tourist lodge where conventional electricity is very erratic. The Solar water purifier removes iron and other sediments and kills all bacteria through ultra-filtration and UV. The operational power of the system comes from sun. Two days storage capacity is inbuilt in the purifier with unique system called "Storing of Solar Energy in the form of Purified Water".

Among the top three needs of the humans, water is the mostly affected part of human life in Indian rural areas. Drinking water accounts for at least 35 percent of all diseases affecting the rural India.

The unavailability of pure drinking water and the use of contaminated water lead to cause waterborne diseases affecting millions of citizens every year resulting in illness or even deaths. Approximately 4.7 million hours are lost each year due to illnesses caused by consuming contaminated water.

Solar water purifier is a pro-people green technology device developed first time in the country with the support of DST, Govt. of India.The first school level water purifier will be installed in Aradhana Orphan School of Hossainpur, Kolkata. The Solar Water Purifier will be formally handed over to the school authority by Shri KeshariNathTripathi, Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal on 28th of March at Rajbhavan at 12 noon. About 100 orphan students of Aradhana School will get clean drinking water from the machine. In future many such units will be installed in the state.

Technological innovation under this project:

  •  Solar energy is stored as water
  •  No inverter is used
  •  No pollution
  •  Low maintenance
  •  No batteries are required
  •  Development of special DC-DC converter.

Usual contamination of water of rural areas which will be eliminated:

  •  Iron content
  •  Bacteria
  •  Suspended particles

Storage: 200 lts (for cloudy days or night time)

Cost-Rs50,000.00 each unit