Affordable Handwashing Device to fight COVID-19

NB Institute for Rural Technology (NBIRT), a Renewable Energy research Institute of Kolkata, India and a partner of InSIC has developed a pedal-operated bamboo-based Handwashing device costing around Rs.350/- (4 Euros) to stop the spread of COVID19 and other diseases. “It has been observed that amidst this pandemic, everybody has to wash their hands more frequently to keep themselves safe and during handwashing, a lot of water is wasted thus as an added benefit, this device also stops wastage of water during its operation and utilizes minimal amount of water which is sufficient for proper washing of hands,” says Dr.S.P GonChaudhuri who is the President of NBIRT.


According to NBIRT Project Scientist Richik GhoshThakur, this simple device can be installed anywhere and is specially developed for the rural people of our country. NBIRT has installed this device in front of Banks, Ration shops, medicine shops, markets and village communities. A lot of people are already benefitting from this device. The goal is to make the technology available to everyone so that this device can be locally manufactured and installed throughout the country. NBIRT core support team is Thankful to SEED Division, DST,GoI for the support.